Monday, January 10, 2011

New Projects

New year, new projects...

Currently, I am working on three records, one of which is my own.
The others are collaborations with two Brooklynites (and very good friends); Sophie Mae, and Yaier Zalcman.

For Sophie's record we are gathering a team of musicians to produce and contribute her music with the least interest in special effects and more with organic timbre (and I don't mean crumbling dirt in front of a microphone, even though it may be worth trying). This won't be an over produced record, but the combination of instruments will satisfy the motive of Sophie Mae's music and the sound of her voice.

You could check out her older recordings on the web.

Yaier (who I call Jerry) and I began scratch tracks for his guitar parts on a five song E.P hes been writing for. At the moment his band is separated so we're calling on my friend Walker Esner to record drums, and I or Jerry will be laying down the bass lines. This will be a heavy-hitting rock record, which fulfills my love for dirty guitars and loud, obnoxious but tasteful drums and bass. I am looking forward to finishing this E.P in the near future.

The solo material I am recording is for my first E.P. I am fully writing, and producing this record only by using whichever materials I find in my apartment worthy of placing within the tracks. My love for grit and room sounds plays a huge role for the concepts I am writing about. Each song has its own personality and by getting as much of the place I live involved, I hope it will create an overall personality for the record. And if the snow clears up soon, I will be able to record in my backyard and have my Jewish neighbors contribute with their Sunday morning car-horn orchestra practice (however, it seems they've already succeeded).

I have been discussing more collaborations with some friends such as Pete Mchugh of the band Elemeno, more currently "Rival Tribes" who of which I recorded in the past and worked on small projects with. And another collaboration with Aaron Maine for his new project "Porches"

All in all there will be an update of music soon for the minimal amount of people who visit this website and are interested in what I am doing. I assure anybody who stumbles upon this page without any knowledge of it will be APPALLED, and turned on by the music they're discovering.

Until then, I leave you on the edge of your seat.

Mike Amacio

Friday, October 22, 2010

Zona Mexicana

Zona Mexicana is a band I met in Westchester. We worked on two songs for a split they were putting together with the band Elemeno (whose songs I will also be putting on my playlist soon).

Zona Mexicana is named after a fine mexican restaurant and consists of... Hart Seely (guitar/vocals), Zephyr Prusinski (bass/vocals), and Cameron Wisch (drums/vocals).

We recorded these two songs at one of SUNY Purchase's recording studios.

Watching them play will leave you breathless, and I'm glad I had the chance to work with them... I almost suffocated.

Zona Mexicana

Space Ghost Cowboys

Space Ghost Cowboys are another band from Westchester I have produced, engineered, and mixed a full length album for. I have included four tracks off of their latest record Porcupine, recently released September 2010, on my playlist.

We began working on this record Fall 2009 and finished in the beginning of Summer 2010.

I recorded Space Ghost Cowboys previous album to Porcupine that was called The Sad Album. Each record is very different in terms of quality. The Sad Album I recorded only with my laptop and MBox in the summer of 2008 out in Pleasantville, NY. We tracked at various locations for that record, it took us over a year to finish. Porcupine was recorded in a conventional studio in Westchester, and then through the help of friend and studio owner Marc Fuller, we mixed the record in Edie Road Studios located upstate NY, June 2010.

Space Ghost Cowboys include Aaron Maine (Vocals, guitar), James Ryan (Bass), and Jack Riley (Drums). Musicians who played on this record were Kyle Pollard (keyboard), Sam Bennett (trumpet), Steve Yanko (cello), Oliver Hill (viola) and Peter Maine (back-up vocals on "Lonliness")

Space Ghost Cowboys will be beginning their national tour November 4, 2010 with Ramona Cordova.

If you are interested in checking out their dates you can visit their webpage at:

Space Ghost Cowboys

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Shakes

The Shakes were a band from Westchester I produced, engineered, and mixed with the assistance of fellow engineer, James Ryan in 2009. They represent 50's rock and roll, along with styles of classic R&B, doo wop, and blues. Band members include Sam Richer (Vocals/Keys), Christina Halladay (Vocals), Pat Lamothe (Bass), and James Blinstrub (Drums).

We began recording this album digitally, with low-fidelity in mind. This approach did not work as well as we expected and we needed to find a new means of tracking. There was a tape machine in nearby Westchester for use, so we decided to scratch all the old takes and start over at this new studio. This would be the first time I ever recorded anything completely analog.

The plan was to record everything as if it were a Motown record.
 I created guidelines in order of pursuing this goal.
     -We couldn't use more than 8-tracks
     -Everything was to be tracked and mixed onto tape
     -The band needed to record live
     -The dual-vocal lead was to be occupied by one microphone
     -We needed to use as many ribbon microphones as possible

Simple tasks, maybe not exactly how Motown did it, but were effective for the studio and the equipment provided.

I included three tracks off this album on my playlist, which are "Admit" "I Knew It" and "Get Yers"

Please have a listen, I hope you enjoy what you hear.

The Shakes